General Information

AllWays Diving has been servicing scuba equipment for 20 years and have a great deal of experience in delivering equipment serviced to manufacturer’s guidelines.  All equipment is tested for sealing (wet breathing) and performance.

We are equipped with the special tools required including a Magnahelic to set breathing “cracking pressure” and appropriate torque wrenches.

All equipment is serviced to the appropriate standard for 40% Nitrox.  Oxygen compatible Tribolube is used as the lubricant for all servicing.  Viton ORings are on hand if more advanced Oxygen compatibility is needed for Technical Diving decompression regulators.

AllWays Diving has done service courses for all the major brands of equipment.  Service kits for most popular regulators are kept on hand.

AllWays Diving is certified for all warranty repairs and “Free Parts” for Oceanic and Hollis equipment.

When You Book Your Equipment In

Remember that your BCD needs servicing as well as your regulators.  A failed BCD can be just as life-threatening as a failed regulator.

  1. Call us and make a time to bring in your equipment.
  2. We will check with you as to whether your equipment is in any free parts arrangements with the Australian Distributor.
  3. Typically it is wise to have your equipment brought in at least 2 weeks before your next dive.
  4. If you are planning an overseas trip, then make sure you also have time to do a local dive prior to leaving and after the equipment has been serviced.
  5. A deposit of $100.00 is required prior to work starting.
  6. We need reliable contact information in case issues are discovered with the equipment during servicing.