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Scuba Diving Services, equipment servicing, air fills and new equipment for the Brisbane Area and South East Queensland.


AllWays Diving provides Scuba Services to Brisbane Scuba Divers.

Scuba Diving Services:

 All service work is guaranteed for the recommended service interval. Exceptions are physical damage, wear parts like hoses, batteries, diaphragm covers etcetera.

For new equipment, Check out Scubaonline.com.au
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Gareth: 041 118 2009
Sheryl: 041 118 5546

Always call us on the number above prior to any visit.

Summer Diving!

All scuba equipment needs servicing

Have your scuba equipment serviced!

Check Diving Equipment prior to every dive.

Diving equipment servicing is essential.

  If you haven’t serviced your Life Support Scuba Equipment recently, then you should get your gear servicedRecommended equipment service intervals are either annual or bi-annual(depending on make). Should YOU have your equipment serviced before your next diving trip?

Current waiting time is about 1 week depending on spare part availability.
Call us and book your equipment service.
Gareth: 041 118 2009
Sheryl: 041 118 5546

Professional Service Facilities
Certified to service most scuba diving equipment
20 years of service experience to ensure your equipment is serviced to the highest standard.

AllWays Diving has a well equipped, designed  and laid out Service Area.  All scuba diving equipment serviced is done in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and service specifications.

Only high quality oxygen compatible lubricants are used.  All equipment is serviced to Recreational Nitrox specifications.

Genuine Service kits are used. All ORings are replaced, whether included in the genuine service kit or not.  You test your equipment at collection time so that you are confident that your equipment will perform as you expect.

Servicing is Available for most makes of equipment as long as Service Kits are available.

Recent Dives and Dive Trips

Proposed Next Dive

AllWays Diving no longer runs commercial diving trips.  All dive trips are based on “group of friends” only.  All divers are responsible for themselves, no dive guides are supplied, no training or refresher is offered, and, if money is collected, it is to  allow for group bookings only.

Next Trip:

Dive Times:

Cost: $0


With all own gear including your own tanks and weights: No Charge
Hiring Tanks: $20 per Tank

Call us or email info@allwaysdiving.com.au to let us know you are coming.
Gareth: 041 118 2009
Sheryl: 041 118 5546


Click Here on Photos to see the Gallery of the Last Dive we have photos of.

We try to take photos each dive but water turbidity may make this impossible.

Our last dive was at the Tweed River, 18/04/2021.  No photos.


Last Dive

 Tweed River – Very poor visibility – about 4 to 5 metres.  Water was warm at about 23C.  A very relaxing dive.

The usual small fish with one large turtle seen.

No photos due to camera issues and poor visibility.

Walindi Tour 2016

The Walindi Resort is situated on the shore of Kimbe Bay on the PNG island of New Britain.  It has 2 periods each year of about 12 weeks or so in duration when there is little or no wind.  It is possible to dive for day after day with the sea having a glassy surface and no current.

Papua New Guinea Tour of Walindi August 2016

Walindi 2016 Photo Gallery

Walindi 2016 Photo Gallery