Diving Services Brisbane for all Divers and Air Rifle Shooting Enthusiasts

For Servicing diving equipment in the Brisbane area, Contact Us.  We provide all services with the exception of training.  We service all scuba equipment.  Scuba servicing usually takes one to two weeks, depending on availability of service kits and any other required spares.

Scuba Equipment Brisbane - New Equipment

New Scuba Diving Equipment

New Equipment 

AllWays Diving provides you with expert advice to assist you with your scuba diving needs.  We help you select the best equipment for your needs. Purchase New Equipment

Scuba Diving - Cylinder Fills

Cylinder Fills

Cylinder Fills

Need a cylinder filled for scuba diving or for any other purpose?  We fill cylinders for divers, shooters or any other legitimate user of high pressure gases. Information on getting your cylinder filled

Scuba equipment servicing

Equipment Faulty?

Equipment Servicing

All equipment needs servicing.  Scuba equipment uses very high pressures and is life support equipment. When you are in the water, it is vital that all your equipment is correctly serviced.  This is a must for all safety conscious divers. Get your Equipment Serviced

For all those divers thinking of getting back into diving, it is critical to have your equipment serviced.  Common faults are:

  • Insects can build nests;
  • Diaphragms can perish;
  • Diaphragm covers can break down and jam a second stage into free-flow.

Cylinders must be tested before they can be filled due to workplace Health and Safety regulations. Old air in a cylinder can have it oxygen content dangerously compromised.  This can cause a diver to lose consciousness.  If you have a cylinder that has air that is more than 6 months old, dump the air and refill the cylinder. Things that you need to do to get back into diving:

  • Ask advice.
  • Practice your safety skills is a safe area with someone you trust.
  • Do a refresher course.
  • Lead back into diving by diving by doing some nice easy relaxing dives.
  • Under no circumstances should a diver, who has had a break from diving for several years, attempt to do the more challenging dives they used to do prior to their break in diving.  The diver should practice safety skills and build up gradually as their skills return.

See the Queensland Code of Practice for Recreational Divers.  If you are going on a commercial vessel, here are the rules that the Dive Facilities must adhere to.