Port Villa has fabulous reef diving with numerous dive sites around Port Villa, the surrounding bay and at Hideaway Island.  In addition there are a number of Eco Resorts around the Island of Efate. Underwater Photos taken near Hideaway Island.


Despite Santo having excellent reef diving, it is famous for the wreck of the SS President Coolidge.  The SS President Coolidge is the most diveable shipwreck in the world being just a few metres off shore.


SS President Coolidge.jpg

SS President Coolidge circa 1941

Although some areas of the Coolidge are shallower thgan 20 metres, it should not be dived by novices.
It is easy to slip down to depths that require additional training to dive in safety.  This dive is recommended only for advanced, experienced divers with at lease Deep Diver Training or Technical Training.
Although the wreck has lost the top part of the superstructure, and more falls off with each successive earthquake, it is a remarkable dive.
Visibility varies greatly from 5 metres (on a bad day or after heavy rain, to 30 metres plus.
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